The CiBM experience

Written by Wilma Sagoe, Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Ilford BID

I was really curious about the Certificate in BID Management Course (CIBM) and decided to take it on this year; it’s a recognised course in the industry and provides an interesting insight into the BID world.

When the opportunity to join the course presented itself, I decided to go for it, particularly because I was keen to develop my skills and grow in my knowledge about BIDs – and in my role as a whole.

So when it first started I didn’t quite know what to expect, I walked into the first session and was met by friendly faces – which is always good.

One of the great things about the course is the way it allows you to network with peers in the industry. It was fun to meet such nice people, we bonded over dinner and drinks after sessions – but of course the main thing is that we were able to support each other through the process.

The course was broken up into sessions with a mix of subject areas. It was interesting to look at areas of the industry that I hadn’t previously explored in such detail before.

It’s amazing how CIBM allows you to connect things to your own BID, it was easy to make links and discover ways to make improvements; from business plans to Marketing strategies and everything else in between.

The different tutors were helpful and the sessions were super interactive, there were loads of group tasks and it was really good to get to know people from a range of BIDs, backgrounds and roles.

Studying is always challenging and so is writing a research report, but being challenged can be a really good thing. The challenges of the course and writing the dissertation pushed me to think of solutions to problems that face my own BID.

Now, with one more session to go and a presentation to deliver, the challenge continues – I look forward to putting all the knowledge I’ve gained into practice in my position.












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