Team, Squad, whatever you want to call it, it is the only way for us….

Written by Victoria Clement, Director, CMS.

Steve Jobs said ‘Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people’. I think Steve Jobs would have fitted in well at CMS and Bb. Client satisfaction is obviously the most important thing to CMS and Bb, it is what it strives to achieve in every step of its journey without question, but we firmly believe that to achieve this with only one person has its limits but with a team like we currently have there are no limits, the possibilities are endless.

Last year we saw the GB women’s Hockey Squad bring home an Olympic gold medal to the delight of the nation. I say ‘squad’ and not team here because in Sport the ‘team’ on the pitch can only consist of 11 players, but these are 11 selected players at that moment in time, of a squad of around 25. In Hockey, especially, the term ‘squad’ is the team because unlike football it works on the basis of rolling subs meaning that every member of the squad will be used at some point in the game. This really enhances the team experience and this was so evident when the women’s Hockey team received their gold medals, every player had played their part. As an active Hockey player myself, this squad element forms a large part of my personal time and I endeavour to bring that mentality into the office every day.

But “hang on a minute” I hear people cry! “You don’t have to be a team to be successful look at Andy Murray!” Well actually yes you still do, Murray has a whole team or squad behind him that work tirelessly to ensure he is at his best all of the time. I recently heard the solo sailor Hannah White speak at a function and she constantly reiterated that her success at being the youngest solo sailor to cross the Atlantic was down to her team and that she could not have succeeded without them. She had originally failed at the at the first attempt a couple of years before on her own admission that she was too arrogant and hadn’t appreciated the need for her team behind her as she did in 2009 when she was successful. Ultimate success or being at the top of your game is very difficult alone.

I remember in 1989 at the age of 12 I went to see Back to the Future II in the cinema and was blown away by the futuristic scenes that saw the McFly’s communicating by video call. I can see some of you nodding along with me! It seemed an age away but yet now it is part of our everyday lives with apps such as Facetime and Skype to name a couple. This progression in technology has seen the concept of the wider team flourish, especially in a business like ours where our clients are spread nationwide in the world of BIDs. We make as much use of conference calls and video calls where possible in CMS to perpetuate the feeling of ‘team’ or ‘squad’ on a daily basis regardless of where our CMS people or clients are based. As one of the finance directors I am not involved in client facing meetings, this tends to be led by our research department, client manager or sales group, but being left in the office doesn’t mean being left out of the team. We can be dialled into any meetings in an instant if needed. Social Media has also allowed us to interact with our team and our clients on an almost minute by minute basis. Where ever we go or whatever we do our marketing and comms department can have it out there in seconds. Internal communication within CMS is aided by Social Media allowing us to be able to share important facts, information and occasional fun tit-bits that make our day to day working lives together enjoyable and shared wherever in the world we’re based.

So, whether we choose to use the word ‘team’ or ‘squad’ we at CMS and Bb strive to make it the constant focus of our business. Whether it be in our everyday jobs or at events such as our upcoming National BIDs conference in October, we strive to appreciate that our success is only as good as the team who achieve it and the fantastic clients we have the pleasure to work for. Last year a member of our team saw a parable on the internet they felt compelled to share to us internally as they strongly believed it completely embodied the way CMS and Bb works. It showed a pack of wolves on a trek through the snow and explained that the one trailing at the back wasn’t the old slow wolf that none of them cared about but was actually the pack’s leader, leading from the back just making sure everyone in front is ok. She couldn’t have been more spot on in her analysis of the CMS and Bb team we have.


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