Day 6 of the CiBM


Written by Richard Stace, Chairman at CMS

I was really pleased to have presented Day 6 of British BIDs’ Certificate in BID Management (CiBM) last week. As a practising employment law solicitor with a keen interest in BIDs, as you can imagine my day focused on Employment Law and HR issues that are relevant in the day-to-day running of BID management companies.

The CiBM is an increasingly important qualification for staff who are employed in the BID industry. It helps to reassure voters that staff have the appropriate skillset and can truly be considered industry leaders.

For the delegates, the course also provides an opportunity to network with peers in the industry and covers all facets of the BID environment.

For me, the day provided a unique opportunity to meet with some key people in the BID industry, to understand some of the pressures they are under and to contribute to their learning process.

My aim was to give the delegates an introduction to the main HR and Employment Law issues that they might encounter in the running of a typical BID management company. I did not expect anyone to leave the session as a fully qualified HR Professional or Employment Lawyer; it is all about building confidence and developing competence through familiarisation with the key legal issues.

There are eleven delegates from BIDs across the country and we had some lively and fascinating discussions throughout the day. It is always interesting to hear about the delegates’ backgrounds – they are people with varied professional skills and expertise who bring their past experiences and roles into their current positions within BIDs.

I hope the day has been interesting and useful for them – the feedback sheets certainly suggest that they have a good day.

CiBM will run again in 2018 and if you are considering it to further your personal development, then please contact the Bb team for further details.

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