Why I can’t wait for the National BIDs conference


Written by Abby Thomlinson, Finance & HR Manager at CMS

For someone who has not been in the BID industry for the longest time (I didn’t even know what a BID was 2 years ago!) any opportunity to learn more about BIDs is a great one.

I am lucky enough to work with a team of people who are passionate about what they do, and love everything about BIDs.

What greater place to grow this than at the National BIDs conference? I have only attended one conference before; the British BIDs conference in 2015- when I was just a newbie to the BID world! It was a fantastic opportunity to meet people from other BIDs and to share similar experiences.

For me the day is about finding out what is going on in the BID world and getting a chance to meet and talk to BIDs from all over the country. Where else will you find so many BIDs in one room?! The day is also full of a range of workshops, from customer experience and car parking to BID development and BID renewal, there are lots of interesting discussions to be had!

This year there will be two classes of Certificate in BID Management students graduating- more than ever before! And of course, let’s not forget about the drinks reception to end…

I’ve certainly got my place booked already, if you haven’t yet, you’d better be quick, places are filling up quickly!

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